The Kite String Tangle

Sunday, 17 August 2014

You know those songs that just hit you upon first listen? The kind that have such an emotional impact on you that you latch onto it for days, weeks, and even months? It's like with every listen, you're hearing it for the first time again. Once the song is done, you instantly restart it. Maybe it's the emotional chord it strikes within you or maybe there's something about the post production that just hits you (if anyone truly knows me, you know I'm a little obsessed with sultry tribal/jungle chimes in songs).

I remember the first time I heard Given the Chance by The Kite String Tangle. It was September 2013 and before bed I was music hunting on Hype Machine. 5 seconds into this track, I was hooked. A lengthy build, a hard hitting chorus, and eccentric hooks? GOSH. It was an incredible heart-rending moment that burned inside of me. I knew I found something special.

  This past week, TKST's much anticipated debut EP Vessel (featuring 6 tracks) hit the scene and it has a little bit of everything. Emerging out of Australia's booming electronic scene, Brisbane's Danny Harley incorporates stunning vocals with heartbreaking lyrics and a beautiful polished production to create something special. After the release of 'Given the Chance' (and a little cover he did of Lorde's hit 'Tennis Court' and collaborations with Elroy 4.0 and Adventure Club), The Kite String Tangle took off big time. I can only describe his style as IDM with elements of alternative electro pop, which I'm like, totally into. Vessel has unbelievable synths and a bold fresh texture. 

The EP, with it's indie flare, has the potential to become a commercial hit, especially with a track like Arcadia. It's gentle, infectious, and has a story that is made for the mainstream. Harley says:

“‘Arcadia’ represents an unobtainable ideal that we all create in certain situations. In this case it focuses on a post-relationship situation where you want to go back to that comfortable space that the relationship represented, but things have changed and that place doesn’t exist anymore. It doesn’t stop us from striving for it even though it might be out of reach.”

Oh, and those steel drums? Swooning hard.

Another strong track is Stone Cold which features Tiana Khasi. The lyrics hit close to home - the tale of a boy and girl and their lost love. The girl? Full of hurt and regret (hi, been there). Tiana and Danny both wanted to explore more of a dance side with the song and their decision proves to be powerful.

And don't even get me started with Words. In an interview with Pilerats, Harley said:

"Ironically titled, this song had the express purpose of trying to convey as much meaning with as few words as possible. It’s supposed to embody the feeling of utter speechlessness at the hand of extreme emotion. That moment when something dawns on you and your chest tightens and your throat dries up. Fragility and instability. Sonically I also tried to represent the feeling of being hugely overwhelmed at the end with the abrasive wall-of-sound. This song is definitely supposed to make you feel and I hope that it adds a bit of depth to the EP."

The Kite String Tangle is a performer I feel strongly about and who is on his way to great success globally. If this is only the EP, I can't wait for what's in store for Danny Harley and his debut album.

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