The $3 Outfit

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Bargain shopping has never been my forte. Usually I don't have the time or patience to go through endless racks of clothing in search of that one solid designer piece that costs $5. I'm more of a, "That button up is looking directly at me on that face out and it's calling my name. I need it" kinda girl.

But thanks to my mother's vigorous style when it comes to finding the cheapest fashion finds and my dear friend, Grace, this outfit was a whole three dollars. 

Standing in her darling bedroom in Melbourne, Australia, Grace took the white Velvet Villains dress out of her closet and threw it at me. "It's too short for me, you have it," She said. "No! I can't take it from you!" I immediately responded. "It's a gift." Said Grace. Ah, what a wonderful friend. The dress was incredibly girlie with a lace like aesthetic and I adored the low back. I wore it that day.

When I studied abroad in Australia in 2012, Grace saved me on numerous occasions when it came to my fashion game. Lets just say I packed nothing for living abroad for 6 months. I think I was the only girl to show up with only one suitcase. Everyone had two or more suitcases full of their favourite clothes (even mothers sent boxes of shoes from faraway lands for their daughters). It felt like the only thing I brought was my Doc Martens and an Aritzia jacket that I can't even look at till this day because I wore it so much down under. I felt ridiculous next to the trendy Australian girls.

Grace would provide me with dresses and heels for a night out all the time. Sundresses, sequin dresses, cutout dresses. She had it all. She was my exchange fashion fairy godmother.

Grace and I on a winter's day in Melbourne. How cute is she with her fingerless gloves? Oh and my deep purple Sportsgirl hat? My favourite purchase of my time abroad…that I left in the bus taking me to the airport on the morning of my departure. Forever crying.
And then there's my mother. This woman is an all-star when it comes to stumbling upon cheap cute finds. So many of my favourite things in my closet are found by my mother and usually cost under $10. My roommate Sarah always asks, "How does she do it?" I don't even know. I guess if you look long and hard enough through the rubble, you'll find a gem.

She found this black David & Young felt hat at a Ross down in Phoenix, Arizona for $3. It's a really cute fit and was perfect with the white sundress.

These amazing photos were taken by the ultra talented Isaac Sim! This was his vision and I'm so thrilled I got to be apart of it! It was so lovely shooting at golden hour here in Vancouver at Queen Elizabeth Park. It was an evening full of creativity and we were both so happy with the final outcome. 

Issac Sim

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