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Monday, 11 August 2014

I've been thinking a lot about fall fashion lately. The thought of big knit sweaters, blanket scarves, and boots makes me go weak at the knees. I'm so excited for the return of this glorious season that brings out some of the best fashion.

I mean, I don't want to tell summer to go away just yet. I love the sunshine and the pure blue skies, but I'm getting a little bored of denim cutoffs and tank tops.

But a piece I've been wearing a lot this summer are my Wilfred Free Valletta overalls. I bought this pair from Aritzia as a Valentine's gift to myself (hey boys, what's up?). Instead of going for your typical denim fabric, I thought I'd go with a light wash and drapey linen to change this up from your classic overall. What I love about this pair is the peg leg silhouette, the patch pockets, zippers, and drawcord.

Overalls: Aritzia
Wedges: Urban Outfitters
Flower Crown: K is for Kani

Half of you are probably thinking, "Monika, are you 5 years old? Overalls were a thing in kindergarten." Well, you know what? This 23 year old is a full supporter of the comeback of this 90s trend (single handedly brought back to life by many fashion bloggers). Dungarees (as our good friends in the UK and Australia would say) aren't what they use to be. To many, the overall is a symbol of youth and innocence or a fashion piece your mother wore when she was painting the house.

But oh how times have changed, ladies! Now, the overall is back with vengeance. Like us, it too has grown up to become sassy and chic. Scrap your idea that the overall has to be this baggy mess only worn by old school rappers. Now, it's all about the streamline and cuts (the key for rocking a good pair of overalls is the fit).

Now, believe me when I say, I don't have a big wardrobe and I don't shop very often (help me, I'm poor). So when looking at my clothes the other day and thinking about the prospect of fall fashion, I thought, "How can I bring these Spring/Summer overalls into the Fall/Winter?"

Perhaps bringing a linen fabric over into the next part of the year is difficult (and I'll admit this is where I wish I had purchased a denim overall), I think it's possible. And here's how I'm gonna do it:

Under overalls, a simple t-shirt, a simple long sleeve, or even a blouse is super sleek. Choose a neutral to balance out the look of the overall, or if you're daring, pick an eccentric colour to maximize your garment. 
A blazer, jacket, or cardigan are great choices to throw on overtop of overalls. This winter, I'm thinking a great black overcoat would look absolutely rad with a pair of overalls.

Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What 
Free People
If you have a pair of short summer overalls, bring them into winter by layering a sheer pair of tights underneath.

From bracelets to rings to chunky statement necklaces, give your overalls a pop of silver, gold, and colour, especially if you're rocking a simple denim overall. Scarves and beanies will also allow for more of a winter chic. The overall tends to have this boyish feel to it, so accessorizing will allow you to make your look a little more style forward. It's all about the detailing.


Ditch those flats and sandals and live a little, girl! Platforms, stilettos, and wedges have all become the overalls best friend. If you have a pair with a pant that hits at the ankle, roll them up and pair it with some chic heels. Even in the winter, a small or tall heeled boot will look amazing. For a long leg, tuck your pant into your boot to give your outfit more form.

Another little thing I'm going try this winter is throwing a big sweater overtop of the overalls, only allowing for the pants to show. I think that look could have a lot of potential. I just love the fabric of my overalls and I want to be able to show them off! 

A winter look I tried with the overalls earlier this year.
The combination of the turtleneck and overall sounds like a complete disaster, but hey, I thought the look turned out okay!

Overalls: Aritzia
Turtleneck: Joe Fresh
Heels: Hudson's Bay

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