Las Vegas, USA

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Earlier this month, I was in the extraordinarily hot and wild city of Las Vegas. Because I've been to sin city 4 times, I get the question, "Is it worth the visit?" a lot. And the answer is, "Yes." Everyone must see and experience Las Vegas at least once in their lives. 

Now I'll be the first to admit. Vegas isn't my, and I hate to use this word, scene. The gambling, the crazy parties, the drinking lifestyle doesn't really thrill me. And as a former communications student, the whole manufactured city idea drives me a little insane too (I look at that fake Eiffel Tower and weep that I'm not actually in Paris). But as a lover of the sun, an indulger of good food, and shopaholic, Vegas does alright.

The trip kicked off when a psychic approached me in the washroom at the airport just after landing. But that's a whole other story!

It was another stay at the beautiful Palazzo resort for my family and I. We love it here because it's right in the middle of the strip and it's easy access to the Fashion Show mall. It's also home to the greatest pancakes I've ever had: Red Velvet. If you have a sweet tooth, I suggest ordering up a stack of those bad boys from the Grand Lux Cafe in the casino. If you're into pizza, which who isn't, give Grimaldi's Pizzeria a try! They have wine bottle lights hanging from the ceiling and it's gorgeous.

My dad checking out the Vegas scene.
When I say it was was freaking hot. I'm talking 48c. The sticky desert heat was a lot for this pale Canadian girl to handle. But when you have a strawberry daiquiri in your hand lounging poolside, all your troubles disappear.

There's two things my family and I always do in Vegas. 1) Visit Caesars Palace and get cheesecake from the Cheesecake Cafe (this time around we got a slice of Reese's peanut butter cup cheesecake!). And 2) Visit the Las Vegas Premium Outlets to see if we can snag some deals. We didn't have much luck there this trip, but a simple trip to TopShop in the Fashion Show mall always saves the day. I grabbed a pair of regular $175 burgundy heeled boots with an open heel for $35 and a pale blue romper dress for $25.

Another lovely part of our Vegas trip was wandering inside the Wynn resort. We stumbled upon the pettiest of scenes. A dreamland made of colourful flowers and fairy lights. Even a moving carousel and hot air balloon were made of flowers! It's a definite must for all girly girls to see!

And best food of the trip? Buddy V's Ristorante. Buddy, aka Cake Boss, is the creator of miracles. It was the best caesar salad I've ever had (there was some sort of lemon magic in the croutons). And the ravioli, don't even get me started because I will be on the next flight to Vegas ready to order it again. And for that extra fat touch, you have to end off your dining experience with a Cannoli. Pure heaven.

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