From Calgary to Vancouver.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Today's travel post may be a little late. But I have a good excuse. I was traveling back to Vancouver, my current home, from Calgary, my hometown. 

I wish I kept all my boarding passes over the last 4 years. It's kind of ridiculous how many times I've flown between Calgs and Couvs. Whether it was going home for Thanksgivings or Christmas, or moving back to Vancouver for a new school year, I've spent a lot of time flying over the Rocky Mountains of Alberta and British Columbia (one of the most beautiful parts of Canada might I add!)

It's a flight where I love getting the window seat. I'm the one with my iPhone ready to go to capture some sort of stunning scene. No matter how many times I've taken the Calgary-Vancouver flight, I'll never get over the views from the blue skies. 
It's always such a treat looking out the window and seeing such gorgeous mountains, turquoise waters, and endless green forests.

Flying over Simon Fraser University

These are the flights that taught me to memorize the inflight safety announcements word for word (which is a good thing, right?) I always have the same response to the flight attendance question, "Can I get you anything to drink?" Orange juice. Always an orange juice on a YVR-YYC flight. 

Flying Over Calgary
Flying home to Calgary always makes me excited. My family is there and the house I grew up in. Home cooked meals await me and my sister usually makes a schedule of tv shows we need to watch together. Flying back to Vancouver can sometimes be sad because I hate leaving my loved ones. But it's usually filled with the joys of seeing my friends and returning to one breathtaking city. 

I'm not too sure how many more Calgary-Vancouver flights I have left in me, but until then I'll continue to enjoy them.

One of my first Instagrams. Check out that old school black frame!

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