FKA Twigs

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Every once in a while, an artist arrives on the scene and they are literally a piece of art. This is the case of FKA Twigs.

Twigs allures us into her world with her vulnerable voice and heartbreaking lyrics. She creates a physical (and sexual) feeling within her music that is utterly captivating. In her latest track Two Weeks, Twigs demonstrates this contemporary UK bass type of music that reflects hints of r&n goddess, Aaliyah. The 26 year old Brit began her artistic journey as a dancer, but I think it's safe to say that she has now grown into a performance artist, ready to indulge herself into any inventive practices. What I love about Twigs is her aesthetic vision and how she bows down to no one. I expect her debut album, LP1 (dropping August 12th), to be full of eerie/breathy echoes, voice fragments, and sonic sythns. 

I think Doron Davidson-Vidavski of The 405 sums FKA Twigs up best:
"If Frida Kahlo was alive today (granted, she'd be 107) and decided to undertake a subvertopop video-musical project, it would in all likelihood be something along the lines of Tahliah Barnett's FKA twigs. Take the most obscure audio and visual moments of Björk's Post and Medúlla, put them in a blender with early Bristol trip-hop quirks, add a dash of Jonna Lee and Claes Björklund's iamamiwhoami preludes and finish off with the finesse of Dev Hynes and you get close to a very basic description of what FKA twigs sounds like."

Two Weeks - FKA Twigs
(directed by Nabil)
Feel your body closing, I can rip it open

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