Erik Hassle

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Yesterday, Swedish singer-songwriter Erik Hassle dropped his video for his unbelievable single, Pathetic

Now, for real. When this track came on the scene a few months ago, I could not stop playing it. Like, excessive overload. I think my iTunes informed me I played it 40 times in a day. Damn. It's so goddamn sexy! From the desperately vulnerable lyrics to those smooth snaps, Erik Hassle brings an authentic pop sound that is undeniably catchy. The bass line mixed in with the lyric "I'm so emotionally needy, baby" would make any girl swoon. The video is minimal and features Hassle in dark rooms with flashing lights (or art installations?), which makes things even more seductive and mysterious.

Erik Hassle is a name you should be taking note of. He's gonna hit it big time soon. I mean, when you write a smash hit for Rhianna and Shakira (
Can't Remember to Forget You), You're kinda set up for destiny. Plus with curly red hair and gorgeous falsetto? Jackpot.

"Style and music is the way you give yourself to the world. For me, style has always been a way of exaggerating something inside of you and making it stronger by doing so."

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